Sunday, April 15, 2007

the top 5 replica bags

As I start my new blog site I will begin my search for the perfect Louis Vuitton bag.

I have purchased the same speedy 30 bag from these sites and will be posting pics and details of them as they arrive. I will also let you know the cost of shipping and what the return/refund policy is

sac moda

I hope this helps with those of us who want the best knockoffs/replicas out there.

Please feel free to share you thoughts.



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Ming Mendonca said...
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ynel said...

I bought this chanel hobo black bag 209 for $125 from sac moda.
I am not very happy of the bag.
Its a rip off.
Its not the bag that the site has adverstised.
I think this is what we pay for cheapies.
yeah the bag was made of leather alright.
But the quality was bad
Its like they just punch a hole directly to the leather for the drawstring and you can see the white bits of the material.
It was bad.
Too expensive for the quality.
Its a misrepresentation of the product.
Fooling us customers...
I know its cheap compared to the legit ones, but it just pricey for a fake-poor-quality product...
I am not happy!!!!

it was described as:

Large embroided 'CC' in front
- Manmade softest supple advanced leather
- Top zip closure open up to main compartment
- Zipper complement with 'CC CHANEL' puller
- Smooth rolled handles ended with 'CC' silver cube ornaments
- Frilled siezure secure with magnetic tab
- Advanced leather feet base
- Onyz lining with 'CC' logo
- One zipped pocket with 'CC' logo puller
- One cell phone and patch pocket inside
- Serial number interior
- Heat embossed 'CC CHANEL PARIS MADE IN FRANCE' stamped on the inside of the bag
- Size : 14.5" L x 4." W x 9" H
- Chanel tag
- Dust bag
- Chanel Authenticity Card
- Chanel care booklet
Weight: 760g

Jo said...

I know a site where I have gotten some great LV and Hermes bags.. but I don't want give the site in public... if you email me I will give it to you....

connie said...

jo, Looking for the best LV replica bag you stated you found some sights please email for details

connie said...

lookinf for the best LV replicas..Jo u stated you found some how do i email u??

Nubian said...

I sell and buy quality replica handbags on from American sellers.
I usually do not buy from overseas sellers as the shipping is often more than the bag.
There are a great variety of quality bags and luxury jewelry on this site. Unlike eBay where the fake bags are overpriced and listed as real.

Please contact me if you need assistance on this site regardless if you buy from me our use other sellers!

xoxo said...

If you shop at outlets, you can get the real thing for the same price you would pay for a "quality" knockoff.

Cor said...

Could you please let me know the best sites to buy the best replicia bags I have many originals but want to keep up to date now trying best replicas.
I would really appreciate some of your knowledge on this matter I am not interested in cheap imitations.
Thanking you in advance,

Susie said...

Hey! I saw where Jo knows of a website of where I could get a good quality handbag. I was wondering if anyone had that site. I love nice handbags, but can't really afford to pay the money having 2 kids. If you could email me and let me know the site I would greatly appreciate it.

Becca said...

jo, Looking for the best LV replica bag you stated you found some sights please email with details please I love LV but can't afford it like I use too. e-mail please with replica in subject please thank you and if anyone else has a great site that they know about and trust please let me know I don't trust ebay anymore I got burned.

nikarphar said...
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melly said...

hi there!somewone can give me sites for great replica bags?does anybody knows about or me at

melly said...

hey there!surching for nice replica bags site?does somebodyknow about or somebody have purchase bags and is very happy,good loocking and good quality please email me at

michael said...

You have to ask quality of bag 7 star mirror replica is pretty good.
Try gizmomailorder

maria said...

Hi jo could you email me too at I am desperately looking for one that is good quality only

Farhana said...
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Peggy said...

Replica Handbags of top luxury brands,LV, Chanel, gucci,Hermes,etc, it is easy to order some stuff from China. I just got a LV watercolor speedy 35 at the price 189 USD from a site . It is quite good quality. Who would like to spend more money to buy the authentic bags?

lauro said...

i am a reseller, have bough from, their quality is the best which i saw, and the price is sooo reasonable.
you can go to visit...

Faye said...

hi jo, can you also email me the website ...


Saleshout said...

yeah check out too. they have some pretty good prices

dara said...

Hi Jo, Could you please email me with the best LV replica website. My email address is

Thanks for your help.

Marko said...

please let me know about best replicas! thanks a lot! i love lv bags :)

::Enchanted Lens:: said...
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Jennifer said...

Have any of you actually ended up ordering from the website "Jo" claims is the best out there? Can you please post your feedback?

lusily said...

Replica LV Handbags - We sell highest quality replica designer handbags which inspired by the highly popular designs of their original counterparts. The highest care in manufacturing and quality assurance goes into the production of these Louis Vuitton bags. Please feel free to browse our selection, and contact us with any questions that you may have.

Can you believe it? Only USD23/pcs(delivery cost) for 98% items to USA, Australia and New Zealand

Get wholesale price:you will enjoy wholesale price if you place one order which is over USD600(freight excluded).

If you want to find the best Louis Vuitton handbag selection at the best prices, is the right spot.

Jennifer said...

Will you be updating this blog any time soon?

obaid said...

hey jo...can u pleae mail me the sites..for lv bags...pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :) :) thanks.....

ANGELB said...

I purchased a bag from The material quality is nice but my problem is the size. The bag I recd was way smaller than what was displayed on the cite and what I order. I decide to check the measurements and what I came up with is not the bag I order. I am currently waiting to see if the will respond to my email. Will let you know what happens. Nice relica it looks like a toy.

Leah said...

please email me the site for a good lv replica website. highreplica seem like a good one but always on downtime. jo, can you hep me?

cvssuckx2 said...

It is wonderful to see other people out there who take selling high quality replica bags. And ebay is a nightmare to deal with. I always list that my bags are mirror/replica/designer inspired and I usually get my listing bumped off :( What to do?

Caleb said...

hi jo, just wanting to get the website for the LV replicas? my email is

Claudia said...

Hi Jo,
I am having a really hard time trying to find decent replica Juicy Couture or other designer dog carriers or clothing and accessories. Do you know of somewhere that I can order from and pay safely without them just taking my money and not sending anything. Your help is very appreciated please email me if you have a website. Thanks !

edel said...

hi jo,can u let tell me the best sites for lv and chanel bags,thanks

edel said...

hi joe can u tell me the best sites for lv and chanel handbags,thanks


I am wondering what the best site is for buying replica gucci bags?

Thanks for the help!

MzLRG said...

highreplica is a scam

Kimmi said...

hey jo, sorry i know many people have asked you to email them but would you mind sending that site to one more person? :) i would greatly appreciate it!


Coupon Chick Queen said...

yeah could you JO could you please e-mail me the site for high replica too! thankS!

Coupon Chick Queen said...

yeah could you JO could you please e-mail me the site for high replica too! thankS!

lusily said...

The right place for replica Louis Vuitton bags

We hope that our love of replica designer handbags shines through in our collection. We are certain that you will find something that suits your needs and your taste and hope that you enjoy your time on our site.

If you like, tell more friends around you. Trust yourself, trust us, we are always making great efforts to meet your different needs. We are sure we could do better and better!!

Sae said...

I ordered a Louis Vuitton speedy (the new Steven Sprouse collection) from and it was good enough for me. I own a couple real Louis Vuittons and this bag measured up. Obviously it's never going to be EXACTLY the same quality, but as long as you buy the classics and nothing TOO TOO detailed the similarities should be flawless.

bags with tags said...


dez said...

hi jo, i would also like to know the website for best replicas out there. thank u so much!

dez said...
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dez said...
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misstara007 said...

hi jo- love some info on great lv bags, thanks!

dez said...
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Shar said...

Hi, could someone please share the website with me that Jo Knows? I'm not sure if she is still checking this blog. I tried a couple of sites others have mentioned and they are having issues or under construction etc.. Thank you very much. I like the LV as well but the Hermes Mini Kelly and Chanel bags are my favorites if anyone else would be kind and share any site they have had a good experience going through it would be so appreciated. So I don't spend a ton of money buying from several till I get lucky.

edel said...

hi looking for the best sites to buy louis vuitton and chanel handbags if anyone can pass them on ,thank

annette said...

Hello Jo, can u send me this secret website! thanx

mystique said...

JO plz email site to

zamy1904 said...

Searching for some good quality replica handbags. Can anyone help please? I’ve been to different websites, but they all perty much offer the same thing and are so much alike, so I’m having a hard time choosing one. HELP PLEASE? email:

Sarah said...
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amy said...

Hi Jo, I am looking for a great Balenciaga knock off... Please help! My email is


Julie said...

Jo, if you could also email of site or site that you frequent at.

I myself have bought a few from, bags are of good quality, real leather and what not, but the leather does have a bit of a funky smell to them, not sure if it's because it's not of the highest quality leather. Trying to see if there are other sites out there.



Shawna said...

Jo -- what is this famous site you discuss?? Please email me:

In the meantime, has anyone dealt with any of these sites? I have heard some real horror stories about purses that either never get sent or purses that are such horrible quality that it's pathetic. Please -- now is your chance to dish!! -- prices look VERY reasonable with this one! But as we all know, if it's a question of spending $150 on a good purse, or $250 on a GREAT one, we would all choose $250 (wouldn't we?) -- prices are a little more, but great selection. -- prices are a little high.... -- decent prices but not a huge selection -- I assume these are mostly fakes. Does anyone know of the quality? I'm looking at this gorgeous coach laptop bag -- highest prices I've seen so far. But the purses look stunning. -- expensive but seems to be of good quality -- seems reasonable....

noath said...

please someone send me the site Jo talked about to

Connie said...

hi there, i´d also appreciate if anyone could let me know the site jo is talking about. also, has anyone ordered anything at looks great and i would appreciate any thoughts or even experiences made with them.
thanks much!

hotheaded said...
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hotheaded said...

hi there everyone! last month, i was in the same boat as many of you. not sure which site had the best bags. i only want to get a high quality replica. the cheap knock off does nothing for me.

i have found the PERFECT site with 7 STAR GRADE replication. that is as close to mirror images as you're going to get.

i just ordered a red crocodile skin hermes birkin. and i'm telling you, i can't tell it from the original (which i have only seen once in my life while on a trip to paris!!). my friends are all wondering if i recently won the lottery!

i'm also in toronto, canada, not faraway overseas. email me or write back and i'll help you get your favourite bag!

Sarah said...
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noath said...

hotheaded can u please email me the site.

faye said...

hotheaded can u please email me the site --


mypinkloft said...

Does anyone uses
Is the quality good? Thankss

amy said...


Could you also please email me the website...


zamy1904 said...


Can you please e-mail me the site to I've been looking for the perfect site for the the perfect bag but had no luck. I would really appreciate it.


QtLaNkA said...

Dear Jo and Hotheaded, please email me the websites, I am in desperate need of a new bag :)

QtLaNkA said...

oooops my email is
Thank you very much!!!

hotheaded said...
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hotheaded said...

i will make this easier and save on the back and forth. i am the canadian, based out of toronto, supplier for replica designer handbags. i used to buy REAL designer bags at regular prices until i visited asia (thailand, china and vietnam) about 5 years ago and found a factory that they had 7 star grade replication (that's when you can boast 99% authenticity!). and that's when i thought, why on god's green earth am i paying thousands of dollars for a bag when i can get it for a fraction of the price.

my own website for the designer bags is just in the process of being completed. i wasn't sure until about a week ago that i wanted to take on this replica bag business. we are watermarking our pics and writing descriptions so it should be done soon.

if you go to any of the replica handbag sites and see a bag you like, contact me. i can probably get it for you. currently the MOST popular bags are the Louis Vuitton Mahina bag (gorgeous), Hermes Birkin (decadent), Prada fringe (true designer looks here) and the Chloe Paddington (sassy and goes with every outfit). Of course if you see a Gucci or a Mark Jacobs or a Fendi that you really want, ask me. I probably have it.

even if you don't buy from me, here are some tips. do some research. make sure that you compare prices. if you see a Prada fringe for USD$100.00, there is something seriously wrong with it. that kind of bag, IN GOOD QUALITY and good replication, should be going for at least $$220.00 and maybe a bit more with shipping. Good replication includes that they use 100% real leather and matching hardware.

don't pay the $100.00. that bag is garbage and you will regret it. it will break in no time and show its value soon enough. not worth it.

and if anyone tells you this "true" story about a lady with a louis vuitton bag (by far the most and best replicated bags in the world) being mugged in LA, incurring damage to her bag, and then taking it to the LV store where the LV people could not tell the difference - they're lying. that is the most common story in the replica business and just about every replica salesman uses it.

i can't believe how many people fall for it. all designer handbags have a serial number. any one of these companies can check via computer. they might admire the work on your replica but they will know it's a fake.

like i said, i'm in toronto, have a warehouse of bags here and can ship them for free to anyone. i also take paypal. if you're internet savvy you know that paypal protects your purchase. so there is no chance that you will get ripped off! you will rarely see one of the other replica hand bag sites taking paypal.

i don't know about you guys but to me the scariest part of buying from some of these sites, where the english sentences are broken and poor is that if you had a complaint, the person on the other side was not going to understand you or your frustration. the seller being in some faraway intangible land, where you have little recourse if something does go wrong, just does not feel good in any way. even if you're buying a replication, it's still a couple of hundred dollars. that is money wasted if someone takes your money and runs or if worse, they show you one thing on the site and send you something else!


if you have any questions, pls don't hesitate in contacting me.

happy bag shopping!

Connie said...

hi hotheaded, can you email me please at:
about the mentioned site and also about your business. i´d be interested in ordering through you.
thanks much!

sophie said...
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hotheaded said...

hi there connie,

i responded earlier to your post at the email indicated.

i've had a great response from this site. i'm glad people are doing their research on replica bags. it's not always easy to know what to do in this case and no one wants to get jilted.

i know it's hard to "trust", but trust me when i say that if you order certain bags, like LV or Chanel, which have been replicated for year, you will not, with the naked eye, be able to tell the difference between a real and a fake.

i'm here to answer any questions.


dez said...
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hotheaded said...


i replied to you privately but just to let you know, YES, i do. it's a VERY popular bag and very well made. truly exceptional quality!

i think you are referring to the chanel 2.55 (designed in february of 1955). i sent you a couple of pics of mine to confirm!

i have it and can get it to you in 7 days. let me know if that works!

dez said...

to all the handbag fanatics out there!!! this might be the answer to all our concerns with finding the best replicas out there. checkout hotheaded's newly i really, really like it!!!

hotheaded said...

dez, i appreciate the praise and enthusiasm. thank you!

i'm happy to be doing this. do come to my very incomplete, unfinished blog

paypal shopping cart should be done by monday. i'm not 100% sure if that is guaranteed, however, and so in the meantime, write to me with the bag of your dreams and i'll check if a) i have it in stock and if not b) can get it from my factory.

thanks guys. the response has been OVERWHELMING. i'm almost aside myself...almost :)

happy shopping!

Leah said...

what was there to like?

Ashwani said...


please email me the name of the site which you are refering to..


hotheaded said...

hi ashwani,

i have noted the name of the blog i'm keeping in a couple of posts above. it is still very much a work in progress, but like the others, if there is a handbag you really want and you have the name of it, write me and i'll see if i carry it in a high end replication.

come visit anytime:

thanks and happy shopping!


Jay said...
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Jay said...
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hotheaded said...

jay, thanks so much for your comments. website is coming along. will be done very shortly.

thanks for your encouragement.

i agree 100% with all comments and have a couple of things to add. credit cards and paypal are the way to go. they are essentially the same and you do get protection on both.

i did have one site take my credit card number and it was compromised all over the internet and so make sure you know who you are giving your card to. even though the credit card companies will resolve your unwarranted charges, you will have wait 6 weeks, talk incessantly to the credit card company about your issue and then some credit card companies, like amex for instance, will hold it against you.

so for instance if your credit card is compromised again or you dispute a charge again, it gets tougher to plead your case.

unnecessary hassles!

i agree with the stock photo comment and especially if the stock photo is from a major department store. that's misleading. however do read my blog for a post on factory photos (

i will post here when my site is up.

lastly, some of my customers from last week will be receiving their bags very soon. i will ask them *gently* to post their experience and satisfaction.

thanks jay and thanks to you all for your support.

Preeti said...

Dear hotheaded and Jo please send me the websites too! My e-mail is :) Thanks!

amy said...

Hi Jay,
Why did you delete your postings, I found them very helpful. I looked at the website you suggested and the handbags look very good, but they don't have Balenciaga... Have you come across any websites that have great Balenciaga bags? I just purchased one from ladyfavorite and I'm not very happy with it. Please email me with any good websites you have.

The GURU said...


Excited to have found this blog! Up until now, I have used RUNWAYHANDBAGS.NET ( and a few others)for my replica purchases. All the bags I have ordered from this site have been fab! about 19 in total in the last 12 months.
I own...about 27 or so Authentic Bags. Close to 48 Replicas...ok so I'm an addict! But I know my stuff.

My hubby buys my real ones and I go out and get mye replicas. We can afford real, but why spend $1800 on something that would requre you to check the inside lining to determine it's authenticity???

@ Hothead! I can't wait to see your site! Good JOB and Good Luck!! I am certain if your site is anything like ur blog it will all be great! Can't wait to place my first order!!! Hurry up!

Just an FYI ladies, I looked up most of the sites that have been listed on this blog, and on a first glance let me just say:
1. For the most part anysite that does not offer multiple, detailed views of any product COULD end up being a problem. You really want to see details etc... to ensure you are buying stuff as close to real one as possible. If not you might as well be paying $50 bucks and buying them out of the trunk of car.
2. BEWARE of Stock photos. Some of those pictures on these websites are the same as those on Neiman Marcus, Saks, Blue Fly and other sites that sell Authentic Bags. ( I even spyed a couple from the now -defunct- turned artsy site. If they are showing Stock photos they are not serious.
3. I always recommend placing a small order first before going large. And when possible even though most sites do offer discounts for Western Union...USE UR CREDIT CARD first. Just to make sure. With Runway, I placed my first $120.00 Order with my Card before doing the WU thing. I have recived all my bags and everyone of them ...but 1 (Large Tribal bag) HAVE BEEN PERFECT.


For me my image etc is important. I am expected to carry only orginal stuff, so when I buy a replica it needs to look real. Even the inside. The only way anyone could spot my bag as a fake is if you tear out the lining to take a look at the craftmanship, serial number etc...and you would have to work for Chanel, LV or Gucci etc (and made the bag) tell.

While I have never taken a replica to be repaired at LV, I have walked in with my Black Speedy Cube, (While buying a pair of sneakers) and my bag was admired and revereared...they thought it was real...and it was sold out in store. But once again, you gotta know your stuff before you try that.

4. Please make sure the bag you are buying was actually made. Do not use Fashion show pics as a guide cause a lot of items, are never mass produced. I see on almost every site, bags that have never been made for sale. Uh no. Don't buy matter how cute. Don't buy it...cause we know it's fake.

To avoid this for me, I vist the stores and websites often, I also get Catalogues etc, and check blogs that feature the real deals. Simple things like knowing that ( The LV Vernis ALMA should NOT have louis vuitton written on the brass handle hinges....) goes a long way. Study the pics on the real site hard before buying.

When in doubt...walk in the store to check stuff out. Stitching, hardware placement and other details go along way.

Every Designer Boutique has a "Look Book" that features new styles up until the last or most Current Fashion Week releases. Ask and you will be shown the book.

Enjoy shopping! Save some money and BE SMART LADIES!!!...and Gentlemen!

If anyone ever wants me to review a site, or take a look at some pics let me know. I love doing this, I spend my days looking for the next best site. I've tried several. I am not saying I know everything...but I know alot.

I really to speak in LV, GUCCI, CHANEL, FENDI and Jimmy Choo. I love these guys.

Thanks Ladies, and more site ideas would be great!!!

The GURU said...

Yes! I know I'm crazy, but in a moment of inspiration from all the questions on this blog, I decided to start my own blog of just my/our experiences with pur various REPLICA SITE purchases and/or searches.

Nothing formal, but if we can all discuss and compare notes that might be helpful. I myself am in the market for a new site which is what lead me to you guys.

I have managed to accumalate tons of information on Designer handbags, Replica sites etc...and would love to share them.

There are pics, questions, ideas etc...

If you have any suggestions or ideas please let me know.

You can either click on my name (Guru...formaly Jay. lol)

or go too

Thanks and I hope to see you soon!

Preeti said...

I was also wondering if is any good? Also to The Guru, I went to your blog and found that you recommended some websites. You said that both and were related to one another. Which one is better, more authentic, etc? Thanks!

sarah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
hotheaded said...


i did not get your message :( but have replied to you privately.

thanks so much!

hotheaded said...

hi guys,

while i'm here, check out the contest on my blog about handbags.

first prize is your choice of either a replica Chanel Hobo or a replica Louis Vuitton Mahina!! Both retail for $260.00 on my soon to be launched website (

second prize is a replica gucci wallet of your choice (provided i carry it) and third prize is a LV wallet (again, provided i carry it).

rules for the contest are on both the blog and the website!

Good luck to everyone!

sarah said...
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Jen said...

Dear Hotheaded, would you please be so kind and let me know where I can purchase a well made Chanel replica (I'm looking for a small purse or a clutch). My email address is Thank you!

hotheaded said...

hi ya, jen.

i will write to you privately.


Preeti said...

Dear hotheaded,

Where can one get a good Louis Vuitton Totally bag? My e-mail is Thanks!

The GURU said...

Hey Hothead!

I am interested in a Louis Vuitton Vernis Alma in the Blue Nuit. Can you get one for me? How much is it? and Do you by chnace have some pics? There is also a Black Chanel Bag that I want, but I don't have a name yet...I'll get that or a pick and let you know.

P.S: I joined a few other replica chats last night and now I am getting tons of hits on my blog.

I'd love to feature ur site when it's ready.Or shall I list your Blog for now? Are you cool with that? Let me know!

Thanks! and let me know!!!

Cheers Ladies.

hotheaded said...

guru, you are the best! thanks.

me? i'm gonna die from exhaustion.

why does louis vuitton make so many effing products? i've inputted 350 of those alone today. OMG.

this site will be the death of me.

guru, i'll reply to your email regarding your bags. thanks!

hotheaded said...


i just noticed you don't have an email listed. no worries. i'll post my findings here. give me a bit to find what you're looking for and get it all together, nice and neat.


The GURU said...

Hello Everyone!

I posted some pics and information on what a 7STAR-Mirror Image Chanel Quilted 2:55 bag should look like.

Check-out my blog: for information!

Hope help everyone in the market for a new Chanel Bag!

Have great Night!

The GURU said...


Hello again,

Couldn't find your email address, mine is I'd lik to send you pics of the Alma and the Chanel Patent Leather Hobo I want. OMG I went to Chanel to day and fell utterly in LOVE with this bag! Simply Hot!!! Gotta have it!

K let me know.

hotheaded said...


the chanel hobo is a prize that i'm offering in the contest i'm having, and the alma, and the gaufrean. i've expanded it to any handbag on my site up to a value of $260.00USD.

you wanna see 7 star replication? you have got to see the chanel hobo that i have.

i will send some pics to the email you sent me.

i own this one. absolutely to die for. the leather is super soft. for a smaller bag it gets noticed A LOT.

i'm going to bed because i'm gonna die. but i will be in touch soon.

thanks everyone!

The GURU said...

Hey Hothead,

Yeah I saw that one and it looks great!


The Hobo I want is actually not on your site as of yet. It's a patent leather, canvas this that is from the Winter09 that just came out. I'll post the pics on my blog so you can see it.

Let me know if you can grab one for me!! :-)

TPHS Interact said...

Can someone please send me the website for a great replica LV bag to
Thank you!!!

vcortes said...

dear hotheaded

I would like to get inf where to get a great LV replica ...monogram vernis black and some versace purses my email is

thank you soooo much

hotheaded said...

hi there vcortes,

i can definitely help you. i'm desperately trying to finish my website, however, i will reply privately to you in the morning.


Elliekat said...

Hi hothead, will you email me privately so I have your information, and I can send you my personal requests!

hotheaded said...

hi elliekat!

how are ya?

i'm just getting my website up and running and add product.

you can go there and contact me directly. sorry but you did not leave an email address for me to contact you.

Elliekat said...

what would you need my email for? haha

Lisa said...

Hey there

I just received a Vuitton bag from its great! Its the "Totally" bag, and its pretty damn like the original that I've been wanting. I took a pretty close look at it and the work on it is pretty good - stitching and stuff - not going to fall apart or anything like that. I'm not an expert or anything but it seems pretty solidly made. it rocks!

I was pretty hesitant to order online, 'cause you never know... but since the payment went through Paypal I figured I was pretty secure and had them as a sort-of backup resource if there were any problems... but there weren't! I guess I'd be screwed if the bag came in, but crappy, and thats what I was crossing my fingers about, but its actually pretty good, as good or better as i was hoping for.

So, just a heads up.


hotheaded said...


i was just making dinner for the clan! thanks so much for the positive feedback.

it was a pleasure to work with you. i'm glad you're happy with your handbag.

let me know if you need anything else!

dez said...

i ordered a chanel bag from hotheaded's site and recieved it yesterday. i was speechless when i saw it! the quality was just amazing! i've ordered replicas from about 6 different online sites for the past couple of years..and unfortunately i haven't found the quality i've been looking for until i tried not only i got a best quality handbag but also an excelent customer service, she is so quick to reply to all my inquiries. needless to say i'll be ordering again and again!

hotheaded said...


thanks so much. it's been great to get to know you.

i'm currently dying with the flu(not really but feels like it), waiting in ambulatory care to see a doctor but i wanted to log on and say thank you.

i know we'll be in touch soon.


Natasha said...

Hi Hotheaded, not sure if you are still on the site, but am looking for a replica marc jabobs fold over messenger bag, can you help me? my email is, thanks!

hotheaded said...


i'm stil here. very sick but still here.

i will reply to you privately. thanks,


Laura said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Laura said...

I received my LV Manhattan GM bag last week from JUST LIKE THE REAL THING but waited a week to post a review. I really wanted to compare my replica to the real thing. I always wore/carried designer brands and if I couldn't afford it I wouldn't get it. I was too proud to carry around a fake, so I never bought one. A real Manhattan GM bag is $2190. Since I didn't want to pay that much, I broke down and bought a replica. I'm hooked for life! Hotheaded is great! She's fast at replying and answering any questions you have to make you happy. I went to a LV store over the weekend and my replica bag looks exactly, and I mean exactly like the real deal. I've gotten over 2 dozen compliments on my bag so far and I've only wore it for 2 days. Three of my friends could not believe it was fake (they will be ordering soon)...the other people assume its real which makes me feel good and smile inside. The return policy (if needed) is reasonable and paying with paypal is safe. Hotheaded will not sell you a crap product if she doesn't think it's up to her standards. I plan on buying a few more bags from her because I am confident in her products. It was a pleasure working with her. You will not be disappointed. Laura

hotheaded said...


thanks so much for your comments. the Manhattan is a great bag and i'm glad you got the one you wanted, with all the detailing you like.

i do put a lot of effort in making sure the quality is great, and not just good enough.

if anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me through

thanks everyone!


haruhime said...

hothead im interested in the new jackie gucci bag if you have it. emailme for details: thanks!

haruhime said...

hothead im interested in the new jackie gucci bag if you have it. emailme for details: thanks!

hotheaded said...


i have written to you a couple of times but i have not heard anything back.

i thought i'd try here in case the email address is wrong.


Connie said...

hi everyone, i just received my LV bag from hotheaded ( it´s great! i can only recommend it and from now on will only buy my bags from her! it looks great and i can´t tell the difference to the original and i checked! i already got some nice compliments on it from a couple of is really great and looks fantastic! please try and order from hotheaded...the service is great too! she helps with any problems, answers all questions, gives suggestions and makes sure you will get the best quality! and she will only let you order more if you´re totally happy with the first product you received from her. i found my place where i will order my replicas from now on. i used to buy expensive originals as well in the past but i got sick of paying that much money for it and i´m really happy with the replicas now and that i found hotheaded and her site on the web. reall, try won´t regret it. happy shopping everyone :-), connie

hotheaded said...


thanks so much for the nice comments. i hope you enjoy your speedy 30!

and i'll be in touch with your next order.


ppat088 said...

Hey Hotheaded can you please contact me on, all the way in New Zealand read this blog and thought of giving you a try and seeing how it turns out. Please contact me asap as i dont have much time on hand. Thanks, hope to hear from you soon

ppat088 said...

Hey Hotheaded can you please contact me on, all the way in New Zealand read this blog and thought of giving you a try and seeing how it turns out. Please contact me asap as i dont have much time on hand. Thanks, hope to hear from you soon

Michelle said...

Hi Jo
sorry to be the zillionth person to ask you the name of the website, but i am looking for a Gucci Pelham and its got to be amazing so i am doing as much homework as possible.

hotheaded said...

hi everyone,

hotheaded here from the site.

i just wanted to let everyone know that i have found the creme de la creme of shoe factories. excellent replication on christian louboutin, jimmy choo, gucci, dior, chanel, manolo blahnik (god, i hope i spelled that right!) shoes.

i won't be stocking shoes until late 2009 or early 2010 however to celebrate this gem of a find, i have two styles of louboutins on sale right now with shipping at $10.00 for anywhere in the world. i will definitely have more shoes in the near future. i'm introducing them slow because i'm still catching up on bags! if there is a pair you really want, write me!

you can see pics of the shoes on my blog and i'll be uploading them to my site soon!

thanks everyone. happy shopping!

Lady T said...

Jo please send me the website of that knockoff bags. Thank you !!

The GURU said...


Check out my blog for a list of great sites to get bags. I'm not a seller. We just talk about bags.


Jenna Roberts said...

Hotheaded, please email me with a replica site, i would be soooo grateful

My email is


Piaza Moda said...

I have to say that my best experience was purchasing chritian louboutin replica and replica handbags from

Natalia said...

@Hotheaded: Hello im looking for good replicas Burberry and miu miu
can u help me?
i saw your www.justlike..... but i dindt mail is
Thank you!

hotheaded said...

sure natalia. i will contact you off this list.



theresatran said...


theresatran said...

hi hothead.
Was wondering if you made gucci or chanel scarfs.

please email me personally,

thank u so much!

Ivan said...

Hi Hotheaded! Could you please email me with a replica site as well. Thanks for sharing your infos with us. I'm very grateful. Bye!!!

Viktorija said...

Hello hotheaded! :)
I was looking for LV Damier Canvas Berkeley bag, but as i so itš sold out. Can you tell me then it will be availible? And one more thing, I am from Latvia, can you ship to me also? Because as I understand nobody does :(

hotheaded said...


i'm happy to help you. pls give me your email address and i'll be in touch.


hotheaded said...


please contact me at and i can answer your questions.


seellis70 said...

would you be able to recommend a great Louis Vuitton replica site? I am looking to purchase the Monogram Shopper Etoile and the Sarah Wallet Monogram Etoile.
Much thanks in advance.

hair said...

Me Too, I would love to know the site to buy a good replica LV. Thanks Please E-mail me

erikaselmo said...

does anyone know a good website for replica gucci and lv bags please email me at & put bags in the subject.

BEST said...

This place has the best replica bags:

BEST said...

This place has the best replica bags:

Nisha K said...

Hi everyone. I bought a LV Suhali tote from I am very impressed with the quality of the bag. It looks exactly like the one from LV website. I bought mine in the verone color.

I was also impressed with the customer service. Ashfa was quick to reply to all my emails. It is only because of the confidence I had in her that I ordered a bag online.

So for those of you who are planning to buy bags, I would definitely recommend this website.

thanks & Happy Shopping


hotheaded said...


thanks for your great comment. you were very patient with me and a great customer.

i need to let everyone know that despite an overwhelmingly positive response from you all that i might be shutting down the bag business. while i love it, it's just too much work to for me at this time.

if you want a bag, please contact me sooner than later. again this is a maybe and so if you see me in business in 2010 then some things openned up for me and i was able to continue.

at this time though, it's doesn't look like that's gonna happen.



Jen said...


I was in the process of placing my order on your site and just wanted to confirm that the shopping cart is located at the following address "". Can you please confirm? Thank you!

Jen said...


I was in the process of placing my order on your site and just wanted to confirm that the shopping cart is located at the following address "". Can you please confirm? Thank you!

louisgirl09 said...

I have been purchasing my louis bags from for about a year now. A little pricey but I like them because they are based in the US, and the customer service is excellent.

ChristinaTz said...

Hello everyone,

I hope you have been enjoying your shopping so far!

Couple of months ago I started looking into replica bags because I am pretty sure that you can find a bag almost identical to the original and of great quality without spending a fortune. So I did my research, as anyone should, and narrowed it down to a couple of sites. One of them being . I was amazed by the fast replies I would get from hotheaded and by how eager she seemed to help me find the bag I was looking for. Until I made the mistake of asking her to send me larger images of the particular bags I was interested in, along with details about each bag. That was it. Let me just say that I was bitterly surprised by the turn of events!

I won't give you any details here, because, I'm not the kind of person who trashes people in blogs, despite the fact that I was not only disappointed but also humiliated by Ms Ashfa. Suffice it to say though, that, while waiting for Ms Ashfa to reply, I had placed an order at another site, one where people didn't seem as friendly and sweet-talking as Ms Ashfa, but did provide me with exactly what I had asked for: pictures and details. I immediately ordered the bag and just received it yesterday; it is AMAZING!

Contact me if you want to know the details.

QtLaNkA said...

@ ChristinaTz
Christina here is my email :
pease contact me whenever you can. thanks a bunch :)

hotheaded said...

and here it goes.

i won't be replying to this "Christine Tz" from Greece anymore than this one post.

for the record, i have sent out TONS of pics to people who has asked for them. see all the people above who posted good comments? they all got pics before they bought.

christine, like i told you yesterday, SEVERAL TIMES after you kept writing email after email, and kept trying to become a member on my site, i SIMPLY did not want to sell you a bag.

and clearly that rejection is killing you. so be it.

i have not ripped you off. i have not sent you faulty items. i have lied to you or been deceitful.

and the question really becomes, if you placed an order with a different site, why are you still harassing me? you are happy with your purchase, right? good! so my not selling you a bag was a good thing. you got something else that made you happy. sooooo, where do i come in this?

you've already received the bag you were seeking, then logic would dictate that you should not need me for anything further. yet as recent as yesterday you were still asking me for pics and replies to your emails!

why are you wasting my time? and yours for that matter?

none of this makes any sense to me. legitimate criticism/complaints i can take. but my not selling you a bag, and you being scorned enough to write on blogs (ironically things you would never apparently do and are more than willing to dish (whatever) information to people who write to you off list).

it's my decision to either sell or not sell you a bag.and that is all that it comes down to here. your request for extra pics is not the issue. your questions were not the issue.

i simply did not want to sell you a bag. where is the crime in that?

ChristinaTz said...

Ashfa, save it. I wasn't and will not be addressing you anymore.

hotheaded said...

rejection does hurt, doesn't it, christine.

sorry you are so hurt. it's just a bag.

your affirming my initial gut reaction in not selling you a bag.


QtLaNkA said...

@ JO
Please email me the website where you got some good LVs
My email :

ChristinaTz said...

I don't know if you've noticed Ashfa, but you are still posting me! Enough, stop! There is no need to prove anything, we've both got the history, what's the point? You might be hoping to make a good impression, as you managed with me but whatever you say, I'm here to prove that you are on the defence because you really messed up! Please just stop!

Jen said...

@ Christina

You seem extremely immature... why don't YOU "just stop".

ChristinaTz said...

I don't see where you come off saying that but fine! Any chance you and Ashfa are related? Or the same person perhaps? It happens a lot in blogs. Same people log in with different email accounts and post on their own existing posts, just to reinforce things.

Daphnae said...

@ Jen

Really were do you come off saying she's immature?! I'm following this blog because I thought people were being honest about replicas. I didn't read anything Chr. wrote that makes her immature. So either you are immature or you are standing up for your friend, which makes both of you and this entire blog seem untrustworthy. How do I know who is being honest and who is badmouthing others to promote their own business?????

@ Christine

If you have something specific to say about hotheaded say it so everybody knows what to do and save the drama, don't make people guess

Jen said...

Exactly my point here, if she had any valid points to make, her posts would be helpful. Just seems like a useless rant, which is why I found her immature.

Anyway, I just placed an order with Ashfa. As soon as I receive the bag, I'll post a comment on the quality. As far as service is concerned, she's been great thus far.

ChristinaTz said...

@Jen / Daphnae
Maybe you didn't read through the posts carefully enough. I said that whoever wants to know the story can contact me. Apparently, I have to do it here, so be it then.
I had extremely high hopes that this would be it, that I had found a respectable seller who offers excellent quality bags. I contacted her and up to the point when I started asking questions she was more than willing to help me out. However, after having sent an email asking for pics and other SPECIFIC DETAILS about the bags, she just disappeared for ten days!!! So, after having kept me waiting for TEN days, all the while saying that she's putting together a response, she send me off, calling me MISERABLE, CRAZY and a PAIN in the *#$@!!! Because I dared ask questions that apparently she didn't want to answer. And that really is her perogative. But leading me on, making a fool of me, keeping me waiting and insulting me is not. I will not stand for it. If only she had told me that she can't help me in the first place, I wouldn't be doing this now. But I am so frustrated that I will not stand for it. I've done my homework Jen. I know I'm buying a fake. But I want to know exactly what that fake offers. I will not be called miserable and crazy because I had the intelligence to make a list with the common flaws and give-aways of replicas, the details that a trained eye can spot and tell the difference between the replica and the original. That's what I did. I asked which of these give-aways her bags have. Obviously that makes me a PAIN and CRAZY! I would be crazy not to be doing this. Open your eyes and know what you are paying for. I have no doubt that hotheaded's bags are of good quality. Why did she hide them from me then? Too proud to take my money?!?! Don't think so! Maybe because I want the best available quality? I really don’t know what sort of products she offers, but my guess is, and it’s just a guess, “dictated by logic” nonetheless, that she doesn’t offer the best available quality. Otherwise why wouldn’t she show me?! I am pretty high-maintenance, I’ll give you that. But even I, the crazy lady, have managed to find something that lives up to my extremely high standards! The other site I purchased from answered every single question I had to the slightest detail. Without calling me names, imagine that! The conclusions are yours... Jen, I really hope you are happy with your bag and I have no doubt that you will be. And I really apologise if 've been abrupt towards you, it's just that I felt you had to know the whole story before calling me immature. I really don’t think I am. High maintenance perhaps, but not immature!

Daphnae said...

Ok things starting to make sense now. Good for you that you asked questions. (What questions exactly?! mail me: / looking for great replicas too!) And if she really handled the situation like this it's a good thing you've placed feedback. I'll be in contact, I see you have looked into this a lot!

Jen said...

@ Christina

Thank you for the detailed response. Much appreciated. I, too, would like to know what sort of questions you asked and the alternate site you found that has high quality products. Please email me Thanks in advance!

ChristinaTz said...

@ Ashfa

Very predictable that you would be talking about me in YOUR OWN BLOG!

@ blog
Apparently I am still crazy!!!!

Take a look

and now read some of the emails I got from the lady:

After first contacting her
"well hello Greece!

awesome email! thank you for writing. let me get going on your larger images and then go from there. i'm travelling through japan and korea right now and will be home on monday. i will send you some pics by tuesday of this week coming.

thanks for your patience,


This is after having waited a lot....


IN CASE YOU'RE WONDERING WHY I DIDN'T SELL YOU A BAG, THIS, RIGHT HERE, IS THE REASON. you sound like a miserable person that no matter what, you'd be unhappy with any bag, including an original.


And the last one...


you really need to get a life now. you're pursuing this too much. i had every intention of selling you a bag, but you were just too demanding. i'm not into that. i can choose who i want to sell a bag to and who i don't want to sell to.

that's entirely my perogative.

you're showing your crazy side now. you're gonna enjoy writing about this? wow, don't you have better things to do? go ahead, take this one and publish this email too. we'll see what people will think after that. same thing i'm thinking. CRAZY!!!

sorry honey, i don't want to sell you a bag. there are tons of other sites that will gladly sell to you.

if you're bored, maybe you can be a pain in the ass to them as well.

now this is really my last communication, crazy lady. bye bye!"

I rest my case

Daphnae said...

@ Blog

Chr. send me the site she's been talking about. seems fine to me. hopefully will have pics tomorrow, will let everybody know

@ Christina

Don't waste anymore of your time with this woman it's pretty clear what happened anyone with some commonsense would get it

Ms.Sassy said...

I have been selling 7 star replicas bags for 3 years now. Iam located in the U.S (Atlanta, GA)and I have 2 honest wholesaler in China that I get my bags from. I can get any Brand your looking for but I mainly sell LV and Hermes. I guarantee 7 star quality or your money back. I ship for free in the U.S and Canada. If you want to contact me you can email me at or call my business phone at 404-831-6311

Samantha said...

I noticed on that all of their "feedback" are probably written by the same person. If you notice, many of their feedback have "..." in them and it is all in the same format. Strange!

Lisa said...

I am looking for one of the PRADA leather "hobo" bags. Can anyone suggest a good replica sites. Some of the better ones don't carry PRADA.

nathalie said...

hi there-
i am looking for a replica givenchy nightengale bag & a black birkin with gold hardware. i was wondering if you could help me out with this. can you email me the name of a reliable website that sells great replicas? thanks so much!

Sofia said...

The original content of this post refers to basicreplica, sofiasreplica, and 7starhandbags--These sites all moved. They are now at,, and

My blog has current & honest reviews of lots of online replica sites-I am also updating the list daily. I also take requests so if there is a particular site you want me to review just let me know.

Lisa said...

Has anyone dealt with

Joanne said...

@ ChristinaTz
Can you please send me the replica site that you bought from. Thanks a million!

sanya said...

@ Hothead,

I am looking for the Alexander Wang studded coco duffle. Also, id love to see your handbag collection so email me please =)


sanya said...

@ Hothead,

I am looking for the Alexander Wang studded coco duffle. Also, id love to see your handbag collection so email me please =)


ChuChu said...

i came across this blog a few months back looking for dependable replica sites and saw hotheaded's post about her "just like the real thing" site. i must admit i was still hesitant about ordering something from her because you just really cant trust anything on the internet lol. But after seeing a lot of positive posts on here from peeps that ordered from her.. i decide to give it a try. From start to finish, she was amazing!!! she replied to my emails so quickly. she provided pictures of the items i asked for. she even ask me to send me pix of the items myself to make absolutely sure that its the items i really want. her customer service was great and at the same time it was like emailing a good friend. It was a pleasure doing business with u hotheaded and i cant wait to get my stuff!! i will b bak here to post another comment when i actually receive the items i purchase and i have no doubt it will be perfect. thanks agn hotheaded!!!!!!!!!!

lorna5009 said...

Hi hotheaded
can you e-mail me the info for the website please, I am looking for a louis vuitton stephen sprouse leopard scarf(coffee) and a chloe heloise green leather tote. thanks my email address is

lorna5009 said...

Hi hotheaded,

can you please e-mail me the info for the website. I am looking for a louis vuitton stephen sprouse leopard scarf (coffee) and a chloe heloise green leather tote. thanks my e-mail address is thankyou

Gordon said...

Hi I was desperate to purchase a Paddington in Chocolate Brown for my daughter for Christmas, after spending 2 weeks researching everwhere and not too keen on the majority of sites,I stumbled upon justliketherealthing and I have to say that the standard of service and profesionlism must surely be the envy of other traders...seriously she got me a stunning bag that I can't tell the difference between it and genuine bag,everything is right about it the leather,the logos are the correct size,the metalware etc etc

As a guy Im not into bags but for the past few weeks I've had to be, researching site after site. but her site gives tons of advice and she gives a very honest critique of her own bags you can't say fairer than that But get this she flew it from Canada to the U.K in 24 hours, every step of the way she kept me informed by email and she even phoned me at work and home to allay my fears,but heres the rub I wasn't demanding or aggresive just respectful and we struck up an instant appreciation of each other I didn't ask for tons of photos or silly requests like stitch count, I knew what I was buying its a mirror,copy,replica call it what you like its as good as the real thing... however its not the real thing and if you are a person who is so demanding my suggestion is to buy the real thing,but If you want a damn good replica this in my opinion is the best person to deal with, for those who may say but its your first bag ''what do you know ''my reply is I don't need to know as I'm more than satisfied with this lady and her top class merchandise, I can honestly say that I've never ever come across anyone who goes the extra yard like this lady did for me and cannot reccomend her highly enough Just treat her with respect and she'll lead you to the bag you want

Gordon said...

Forgot to say she's called hothead on this blog
And If any cynics amongst you think I know this lady let me assure you I dont as she's based in Toronto Canada and I'm in Yorkshire England

ChristinaTz said...

Good for you that you got such nice treatment and congrats on the bag. And it´s really nice that you have posted such an elaborate monologue, it´s like hotheaded is giving me her crap all over again! If only I weren't such a cynic! Nice pun on the stitches by the way, however on earth you would know that! Very incospicuous! At least tell me that you got the bag for free after having to advertise on her behalf...

Gordon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gordon said...

No I didn't get the bag for free,it was a bargain at the price I paid which was the full price I don't understand your comment about stitches that was a reference to people being picky why should it be about you I dont know anything about you ...Oh I get it you are one of the awkward customers so you are presuming I mean you, sorry to disapoint you but what I was trying to do was give a positive slant on a very professional and experienced lady who offers outstanding service and excellent products, if you've never bought a bag from her you really are in no position to comment on my posting, it was aimed at people who may like me, feel a little nervous about parting with good money to what is basically a stranger and to convey to those people that in MY opinion she is outstanding in her attitude and professionalism towards customers and will treat you right, If you had a bad experience so be it, but don't be so presumptious as to accuse me of some collusion with hothead on my posting that really is juvenile

RawRagzBoutique said...

Hi Jo,

I would also LOVE to know the site where you purchased these sites. Would you mind sending me an email with the information? It would truly be a lifesaver.


FabulousGold said...

hi hotheaded !
I am dying to see your website, I am looking for the LV Speedy 35 Monogramouflage by Takashi Murakami please respond to

Dimi said...

Dear Jo and Hotheaded, could you please email me the websites
Best regards

amalia said...

@ ChristinaTz
christina, I am also from Greece and so interested of buying a good replica. please email me the site you finally bought your bag.
my email adress is:

SiegeX said...

@ ChristinaTz

I too would be interested in knowing the site that met your most stringent of standards. I highly commend you for the time and effort you put into research on this topic. Please contact me at

ChristinaTz said...

Happy New Year to everybody!!!

@ SiegeX

Hey there, I've already sent you an email with the site.

Thank you for the thumbs-up by the way, it's nice to know that I'm not the only miserable, pain in the &^%*ss, immature, crazy etc person out there!(That's what they call you if you're looking for the best...)

For the record, I would like to say that I am no expert on replica bags, I just believe that it is possible to find a replica of the same quality as the original. And it isn't just about the material. Even the stitches matter. If it is possible to find a replica identical to the original, why not go a little deeper than "genuine leather and excellent craftmanship" and ask for the details? Why spend 200USD on a very good bag when you can find THE bag?

Apparently, I am still bitter about the experience with hotheaded, even though it happened quite some time ago. Propably, because at the end of the day, when the frustration is gone, I still feel deeply insulted.

Anyway! Hope everyone finds the bags of their dreams!

Best wishes for a year that will make everybody's dreams come true!

elmar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Julie said...

Hi ChristinaTz

I too would like the site if you could kindly email me also please.

Much appreciated and thanks for your honesty!

ChristinaTz said...

Hello everyone!

Haven;t bought a bag for a while, but I came across another site that seems to be pretty cool and I was wondering if anyone has ever bought anything from there. It carries a huge collection af the main brands plus quite a few models of many others brands.


Let me know if you have anything!

Take care!

David and Svit said...

Christina, I would appreciate if you could email me those sites you have used to purchase good replicas. It' s tough to double-check the truth of the blog comments because it could always be the same person behind the screen, but I'll give a try to different sites for inexpensive things and see what comes out of it. Thank you in advance.

LEISURE said...

Hi ChristinaTz
Can you give me the site which you mentioned that we can get THE bag! Appreciate you email to Thank you.

amalia said...

has anybody bought anything from I am thinking of placing an order there..any experiences?

erin said...

Hi ChristinaTz
I would love the great replica link as well. Thank you

Virgil said...

Hi everyone!
I am looking to purchase a replica LV bag this week. I'm so thrilled I found his site before hand. can you pretty please email me the best sites!
Thanks a bunch!

Tuts said...

Hi Christina TZ, could you also send me the website like to the handbag site you've recomended to Thanks heaps Tuts

point of madness said...

hi people ! im looking for the monogram jokes graduate pink handbag but i couldn't seem to find any. This handbag is apparently produced in spring 2008 and they have stopped production. Does this make it a limited edition bag ?? If anyone could send me a website where i can look for this bag? Christina you know of any?
Thanks =) !!

ChristinaTz said...


Nop, no idea, just looking into sites like everyone else in here! I just know the one I purchased my Fendi from, post your address and I'll mail you.

point of madness said...

hi christina
email me at

Thanks and happy new year =)

ChristinaTz said...

@ amalia

This site doesn't look very promising... Even the pictures are kind of disappointing. Best case scenario is you get what you see, and it doesn't look good! I'd steer clear from there...

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